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Here at Stainless Steel Fabricators Incorporated, located in the greater Los Angeles area, we specialize in stainless steel sheet metal parts and stainless steel structural fabrication. Ever since we opened our doors, we have always dedicated ourselves to develop high precision, high quality parts that are engineered, tested, & manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Our engineering staff, which specializes in stainless steel design and fabrication, is ready & happy to assist at any level you desire. With over 40 years of experience fabricating items for the USDA, NSF, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and FDA industries, coupled with our high volume purchasing of stainless steel & inventory levels, it makes us a very competitive, knowledgeable supplier.

Our typical projects range in volume from one at a time to thousands at a time. Some of our products, which you can see below, range from trays, pans, tanks, dough carts, meat trucks, control panels, etc. We also can make a variety of custom parts to fit your needs. The -Custom Job Shop- link will show you some of our range. We also have a very solid detail department in case you need your parts to look extra polished or grained.

Our desire is to produce quality, competitive, American made, on-time parts to meet whatever needs you may have. Don't hesitate to give us a call or an email with any inquiries.

Job Shop
Custom Job Shop
rectangular tank
Stainless Steel
Rectangular Tanks & Batch Cans
tapered tray

Tapered Trays & Pans
Stainless Steel Portable Table with 2 Shelves
Utility Carts
meat truck
Meat Trucks & Dough Troughs
stainless steel fabricators 400 pound lift truck
Vertical Lift & Dump Buggies
Industrial trucks and carts
Industrial Carts
control boxes and panels
Control Boxes & Panels
food conveyor systems

Food Conveyor Systems

The Nester Food Conveyor System
Nester Conveyor Systems

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